Chuck Ashman – CEO – SMA Global:

Ten years ago, I moved into e Offices with a small team and a big responsibility.  We had been contracted to support Homeland Security and several other federal agencies in their procurement with small business owners.
Were it not for the professionalism, the support and the flexibility of the management team at eOffices, we could not have succeeded and grown and helped thousands of small businesses around the country grow as well.
There is a unique combination of personal interest, business environment and common courtesy that makes this the most respected building operation I have known in 40 years of tenancy.

Dr. Terry Krekorian – Principal – PCH Treatment Center

Three and a half years ago, my partner and I approached eOffices with our business concept in the healthcare field.  At that time we rented one office suite.  Since then, we have expanded our business and now occupy nine eOffice suites. During these last few years we have worked hand in hand with the eOffices management team, who have been incredibly supportive and instrumental in helping us meet the challenges of growing our business. Their flexibility and responsiveness has been greatly appreciated. We feel we have a strong partnership between Landlord and Tenant. eOffices understand our business needs and with their hands-on approach to management they have provided us an optimal office environment in which to succeed.  We look forward to many more years of partnering with eOffices.

Jason Kramer – Founder & Managing Director – Vital Findings

Vital Findings has had our headquarters at eOffices since 2010, and we chose them based on their location, flexibility, and loft-style creative space. The move was plug-and-play for us, as all the wiring and IT infrastructure was in place.
As our company has grown, eOffices has responded, helping us expand into adjoining space and to remodel our office to give it a more creative, collaborative, and inspiring feel. As head of the company, what I’ve been impressed with most is the responsiveness of the building management. They go out of their way to help us out, follow up consistently and quickly, and are extremely professional, friendly, and courteous